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Living Library: 25th

Living Library
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Jingxuan Bao

All about assiduity

Year 4, Applied Mathematics

​China National Scholarship Winner/Year 3 Top Student in Applied Mathematics/ Deep Coffee Lover

He received scholarships from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University throughout the three years of his studies and recognized to be the top student in Department of Applied Mathematics in his junior year. He obtained prize for outstanding student at the provincial and school level, as well as being awarded of China National Scholarship in 2018. He was a volunteer activist during the school year and represented as the Department Leader for several clubs and/or associations in his university year; he got actively engaged in research project and SURF programs, and wrote as the first author in the publication of conference papers.

He chooses to disregard public’s definition upon himself and ignores the fate arrangements. He did not achieve through being born as a genius, but being a hard-working student in the library, the study room, and computer lab of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. He devoted his time and strength to get enrolled in the world’s top universities. Finally, he had been granted the admission letters from many outstanding universities, including University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University.

Chen Shao

solo traveler ​

He was a volunteer in Olympic games in Rio,Brazil. At the early age of 24, he has travelled to more than 30 countries, visited more than 300 cities, and reached the top of Siguniang Mountain. His footprints are all over the Balkan countries, Philippines, California, Georgia, and Iran. He is the master in finding low-fare flight ticket, at around 3000 Yuan for round-trip to LA in business class and 116 Yuan for round-trip to Philippines. 

Zeliang Zhao

Sit down, be humble

Year 4, Information and Computing Science

Martial arts learner/Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do/3rd Stripe White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The issue of bullying and security related matters within campus life are constantly debated. There seems to be a rise in individuals’ willingness to protect themselves against threats by learning one or two self-defense techniques. This has raised the question of whether the online teaching videos of “defense matter”, nine picture GIF, etc. are worth to be considered useful for the beginners.

Can you succeed to defend yourself by learning marital arts? Does the traditional marital arts still common? Does martial arts means violence? Those people who practice combat sports, are they gangsters? Is MMA unsafe? Is Jack Ma's real identity a Kung Fu master?

If you are interested in these topics, or would like to get familiar with the practice of self-defense, you are most welcome to join our discussion! 

Qianshan Chen

Thinking Maker

Year 4, Computer Science & Technology "Slash” youth

Developer / CEO of Zhitiao / 10th president of Math Club / Co-Founder of iOS Club and G-Master Club

Independent developer and learner. Try to mobilize the collaboration in technology and business to make change of the world and influence the things around you.

During his sophomore year in university, he created a club as due to his fondness for the Apple brand. He claims to be a man who believes in the change. As he learned from witnessing the progress of student creative group in Zhejiang University, he had the ambitious to organize his own team during the senior year in XJTLU. With placing faith in technology, he believes that society can transform to be a better hope for the future. From the perspective of science students, world is firstly observed to propose solutions and code is finally used to implement solutions. This process is involved in the relationship between interest, learning skills and the accumulation of personal growth. This man believes that growth is a cycle of accumulation and achievements. 

Hao Xue

What a Small World! 

Year 4, Applied Mathematics

Harvard Incoming Master/ Meritorious Winner in ICM/MOOCs taker & Academic Excellent Award

How many intermediate acquaintances will be needed to link you to any person in the world? The answer is up to 6 acquaintances, which implies that our world is surprisingly small! How far is your level of difference with the students who got admitted in Harvard? This time, the answer is zero!

Hao, an incoming master student in biostatistics at Harvard University will attend to share his experience on building relationships with the influential teachers in his life, along with the story of how he constructed links between knowledge in ICM and how he earned connections with Harvard.

Join us and get connected!

Yingfei Zhuo

Don’t put your hopes on others

Year 2, Architecture

Former President of XJTLU Design Association / Founder of online design studio / Youngest Baidu intern / Amateur curator

On campus, she is previously the president of XJTLU Design Association, known from leading the association to become the “Annual Progressive Club”. During her tenure, she commits to combine the academic and interesting aspects of design to build a platform for students who love design.

Outside of campus, she strives to experiment with various social practices. In this way, she has obtained several rich experiences from engaging in internship programs, practices of curatorial activities, and founded an online design studios with friends. Her likings resolves around travelling, flower arrangements, music, jazz and cooking. She shares her daily life passion and receives fans from social networks. It is very common that undergraduate students aging less than 20 years old might not own rich experience, but it is her ID that desires to keep the love of life and constant exploration. 

Zisong Ma

Division and Unity of Science and Art

The founder of Capture Grass Studio/Ph.D. in Genetics, graduated from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, received the IMPRS Scholarship from the Max Planck Institute during the Ph.D/assigned photographers in institutions such as Visual China and iStock/the external tutor of the Xipu Photographic Association

Continuing from high school to doctoral degree, he has lived in science for the first half of his life. From "Lonely Planet" to Visual China, producing artwork that was a mere interest has turned into his field of profession. That year, his left hand had just received the IMPR Scholarship from Maple, and his right hand raised the photography award from Ning Hao.

During his study period, science and art were viewed separately. Today, he desires to unite them using the scientific visualization of his own plan. Behind this plan lies his constant exploration of cognitive boundaries, from the natural curiosity of Aquarius.

Jiahui Wang

Man proposes, God d

Year 2 ,Economics

​9th president of the XJTLU Chinese Debating CLUB/music enthusiast

This person is the president of the XJTLU Chinese Debating CLUB. Along with his companions, he has participated in the World Mandarin Debating Championship, the World Debate Tour and some others competition at the professional level, representing himself on behalf of the school. He was in-charged of organizing the school’s debate team, preparing them to engage in communications with the domestic universities such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Donghua University, East China Normal University, Jiangnan University,Soochow University, and The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Together with the above achievements, he serves as an economic student who is fond of critical thinking and expressions. He is the man who put interest in observing unlimited things, building connections with people and learns from them. He views the world to be big as he views himself minor. He believes on the strength of seeing more and thinking more that can raise someone to become much stronger.





         5月8日,西交利物浦大学第25届“Living Library”真人图书馆活动在西浦中心楼一楼的博物馆成功举办。傍晚六点活动正式拉开序幕,而活动开始之前大家便已早早来到场馆,盘坐在大屏幕前,等侯主持人、嘉宾的上台分享。



On May 8th 2019, the 25th Living Library was held at XJTLU Museum, on the 1st floor of Central Building. This time XJTLU Library presented 8 inspirational people as the “living books” to share their fascinating stories and valuable advices to the readers. With gratitude, this activity thrived to attract 137 participants who were glorified to receive life lessons based on their interest. These listeners were involved in direct conversation with the living books to eliminate self-doubt and confusion.

This living library concept is designed to create a constructive personal dialogues between participants and the speakers. This is an essential opportunity for students to gain intercultural learning experiences and personal developments through face-to-face sharing and consulting session. On the next occasion, the library will continue to strive in inviting living books with extraordinary experiences to share from among circles of students, alumni, teachers and successful individuals.