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Living Library: 17th

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Evolution of China under Camera     

XJTLU Head of Chinese Culture Department

Overseas Mentor of Chinese Ministry of Education

He has been keeping track of China's tremendous changes after China's reforming and opening. He is our foreign friend, devoting himself to travelling around and discovering China's changes. Come and see what China is like in his eyes. We might have come from all over the world, but today, we have a same topic: China.

Cheng Qian

Innovative Interpretation of Jin Yong’s Chivalric World

Student Mentor

She brings her own refreshing understanding of Jin Yong's novels. Let's follow the talented and classic girl into a different world of Jin Yong's scenarios.

Xinmiao Qian

Insight from Economics Analysis

Founder of XJTLU Guzheng Club      President of Suzhou Drucker Association

He is now a professional economic analyst among XJTLUers. He has various rewarding internships in World Top 500 enterprises. moreover, thanks to unique view and vision, he is an independent investor. Come and learn from his precious experience.

Xiaoguang Qi

Start a career path and improve yourself

Associate Professor of IBSS

Visiting Research Professor,Peking University 

Fellow, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge 

Career development is not only the progressive 

process of academic and career, but also a 

personal journey of self discovery and perfect .

Different countries, different experiences, professor 

Qi will be combined with rich work experience for 

your career development path lit a beacon. 

Determined more than imagine, Action to create the future. 

Hong Ma

You Can Be More Romantic

"Love Psychology" Student Mentor

He is an expert on love psychology. He introduces the art and secrets of love. We may learn from his theory and wish to meet some romantic this spring.

Pengyuan Gu

More than Audience. Direct the movie, direct the Life.

President of movie club

He is a movie lover, moreover, he has already directed many short films when he was 20 years old. He fell in love with movie during his stay as an exchange student in Germany. Watching and directing movies not only brings him Joy also broadens his horizons. Let's listen to his story with movies.

Lanqing Zhu

Harvest of 40 Days in Africa

Tanzania Volunteer

She served as a volunteer for 40 days in Tanzania, which challenges and makes her braver and stronger. Those extraordinary, colorful days and exotic moments are unforgettable. Dare to do what you like when you are young.

Zhiyu Wu

Special Love for Stars

XJTLU "Special Care" Project Leader

Autistic children are often called "Children from the Stars", because they are just like the stars: pure and indifferent. As a volunteer, she was involved in the rehabilitation of autistic children, and gave the special care and attention to these special children. Come here, listen to her and her story of the children from the stars.

Shuxin Lu

Handle Public Speech

President of Broadcast Club

Hostess of the school Opening Ceremony, Welcome Party. Graduation Party, 2+2 Farewell Party and Art Festival 2013, 2014

The host looks gorgeous under the spotlight. Would you like to know their stories and struggling? Are you interested in the team behind the host? Are you curious about professional presentation and interview sill? Come and learn from the beautiful hostess of XJTLU.

Anda Zhao

Study Efficiently and Effectively

Offer Imperial College London and University of Western Ontario in Canada Offer Winner

He ranks first in his program, winning several scholarships, He knows how to study efficiently and effectively without staying up late. He will share his learning experience and sill, so let's come and take a look!

Chang Liu

Secret of Offer Rain

Academic Scholarships Twice and National Scholarship Winner

offer University of Cambridge offer winner

Most of the geeks all around the world have their own secret methods of learning and obtaining high grades. This going-to-graduate senior will tell you the story behind the geek. This is a rare chance to learn the secrets of high grades and offer rains. She is waiting for you!

Huiyuan Luo

President of Cycling Club

The Tour de Hainan, Qinghai Lake Cycling Event and many other activities Organizer

Cycling is a low-carbon green healthy sport worthy for youths to practice. It could be a journey with sweat, laughter and camaraderie. It will never be too late to take a cycle. As he claimed: the big world will never stop our 26-inch wheels.