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Sarah Peng

Connecting the World with Laughter

Teaching Fellow, Business school of XJTLU

She loves expression and uses her standup comedy to share the joys of life.

Under the pressure of language and culture difference, performing standup comedy in English helps to broaden her horizons and creates friendship.

She never deliberately cater the audience, and she believes that practice makes perfect.

For her, standup comedy is not only a hobby, but also promotes her work. Not only is the attempt to make progress, it is also a window for foreigners to understand China.

In the future, she wants to promote standup comedy in XJTLU and train students to think critically and express themselves freely.

Shiqin Dai

Diligent Yoyo Player with More Than 10000 Hours Practice

Year 2      Financial Mathematics

Suzhou Yoyo Open Contest Champion

So playing yoyo is goofing around? He has been playing yo-yo competitively for 11 years

In fact, he is Suzhou Yoyo open contest champion, and he is the winner of XJTLU Talent show.

In the yo-yo world, he is famous for his special style. He is self-confident, persistent, creative and friendly.

Is gap year a waste of youth? He says that not being able to do what you are passionate about is the true waste of youth.

Want to be dazzled by a yoyo? Or want to talk about the balance of hobby and reality? Just come and find the answers.

Jiaqing Kou

A Thinker with Financial Dreams

Year 2      Applied Mathematics

Co-Founder of “Max Power of Alumni” Club

She is interested in languages and mathematical modeling and she is proficient at sports and instruments.

When she was young, she had set a goal for herself to become a professional in finance. Therefore, she persists to achieve her goal while she is in university.

She has rich experiences in internship, and she has founded “Max Power of Alumni” club

Are you still struggling about what to choose as your major? Or are you feeling confused about your future and your career? Come to talk with this amazing girl, she may give you tips on how to choose your major, and how to organize your time and plan your work. She will provide her unique opinions for you.

Ziyue Yan

Queen of Internships

Year 2      Financial Mathematics

Tons of Experience in Internship     

She got first place in her EAP high level exam and received scholarship.

And career wise, she is rich with internship experience and works in public-raising foundation.

If you are still worried about your work placement or want to have a meaningful vacation, join us and talk with this experienced senior! You will get some advice on internship based on her rich experiences.

Qiuwei Xing

Accountancy Master from Deloitte  


Accountancy; Work in Deloitte; Founder of summer; Past President of Golf club

When she was in school, she was the top of her major in accountancy. After graduate, she works in Deloitte. She sums up some practicable learning methods and shares them with you. She is not only self-discipline but also caring and humorous.

If you have any hesitation on pursuing your dream or studying hard with little progress, or if you have confusion on study or career, come and meet her.

Peter ZHU

the Professor with Awesome Academic Experience


An associate professor in the Optional Network Technology Research Center, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Soochow University

Professor Zhu got his Ph.D. right after getting his bachelor’s degree. Although he’s younger than his peers, he was granted a full scholarship;

He started teaching in Suzhou University right after finishing school, and immediately promoted to associate professor;

As one who had his own English work published while studying for PhD, Professor Zhu will reveal his secrets of academic success!

If you happen to be standing at the critical turning point in life, Professor Zhu’s experience and suggestions may help.

Yueqing Sun

Meet Better You, Me, Him

Alumni Electrical Engineering

Member of the Global Challenge

She is an important member of XJTLU team for the global challenge. This summer holiday, she and more than 40 other XJTLU students completed and submitted an academic report on how to improve on and solve important issues such as global warming, environmental destruction, violence, extreme poverty and other global issues.

Do you want to improve your research skills and teamwork skills? Do you want to do something good for the world and engage in charity work? Come and talk to her.




       第一场“真人图书”分别邀请了商学院讲师兼名扬苏州的脱口秀演员 Sarah Peng、学术生涯一路开挂的人民教师朱哲辰、以及来自德勤的会计学霸邢秋玮3位嘉宾;第二场则邀请了金融数学“实习大神”全能美女学姐闫梓越、实践10000小时定律的悠悠球冠军戴士钦、校友力MAX联合创始人寇嘉清、全球挑战成员的科研大神孙玥青4位“真人图书”嘉宾。