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Jennifer Ball Los Angeles


Suzhou, Give Me Chinese Lesson Time

Guest Lecturer of Soochow University

Her rich life experiences provided her with the characteristics of a multi discipline education. Beginning with her deep attraction to Chinese paintings and characters she began a long journey of Chinese studies. From the study of logic to music, she found a special way to study Chinese characters. As a silent contributor from Los Angeles to Suzhou, she is a bridge spreading culture in China.

Zhuang Fang

Actor, director, future chemist

XJTLU Film and Theatre Club

Wearing my white coat I am a chemist with a white lab rat in my hand; the red curtains go up and I dramatically transform into an actor; backstage behind the curtain I am a strategizing director. Excellent students not only know how to study, but need to develop ones social skills. If you want to be great at acting or in your social circle come and learn from the best!

Yuxin Fu

Fighting for Songs, Poetry, and Far Away Places

Foreign Language Lover

She traveled the world alone, touching ground in a foreign country, with a strange language, and a culture so vastly different from her own. What she expected to see was a poor and under developed Mexico, but all she saw was a country full of passion and excitement.

Shiyin Chen

Using Sports to Communicate True Strength

President and Founder of XJTLU American Football Club

Founder of the first university American Football Club in Jiangsu Province

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a cute darling ‘Lolita’ and adrenaline pumped sports were to collide? Well wonder no more because she founded the XJTLU American Football Club and is even preparing to travel to Shanghai for a competition next month. This traditional American sport founded on university campuses spreads the spirit of cooperation, and teamwork. You may not always be the brightest stars, but you will be proud of the team. When time has flown by and you look back on your life you can yell out: “I remember running wild under the sunset, that was the time of my life!” For more stories on passion, sports, and friendship come and join our poetry session.

Yucong Li

The Hesitant Web Developer

Former President of the Student Entrepreneurs Association

Everyone feels a little lost and confused in their 20s, but during this time he joined the Mathematics Club, hosted the Radio Club, and led the Student Entrepreneurs Association for half a year. From school life to work life there were many changes, such as participating in Tencent’s annual media conference WE assembly, product manager training camp, and joining Ali Cloud conference to name a few. If you’re interested in hearing about two years of ups and downs, decision making, the current times, and fragmentation of the masses, please come and have a listen.

Xiaoyu Zhang

XJTLU Sister Knows Best
The most warm XJTLU We-Medi      Mysterious Patriotic “Big Sister”      New Media Operations course Student Lecture

Junior year she developed her interest in media and it was because of her compassionate writing that she was nicknamed the “warmest We-Media journalist”. By senior year she slowly said goodbye to her student life, started doing new media operations projects, using the Internet to make friends and fans. If you are at the beginning of your student life and could use a cup of “chicken soup” come and have a chat with your XJTLU big sister, she knows best!

Yiming Zhang

This nerd isn’t cold

Founder of Xue Tan Academic Network

Renren/The interconnected society is fading, paper materials are becoming obsolete; the big theological tyrants cannot climb any higher. The time of the Internet brings the question, how can I find good educational resources? Besides his studies, he found time to create an academic information sharing website derived from the network of UNESCO science and in the process gained recognition as Jiangsu Province’s Key Project of 2015. Do you also feel that your learning and entrepreneurial activities are not balanced? Having trouble finding work? We’ve heard this guy is pretty cool, come and check out his creative words of wisdom!

Yilun He

Career Design

First Place Scholarship Recipient      Internship at a Fortune 500 Company

How to make your grade soar? How to earn your own tuition fees? Yilun will share how to do these at the same time!Are you going to study abroad? How to choose the most suitable schools? Do Masters’ school only look at your third and fourth year grades? How to evaluate its value? How to make HR change their mind when they refuse you at the interview? How to get your company, your idea and your product into consumer position? This living book will assist you embark on your early career. If you are interested in any topic, please come and “read” this book about study and career!

Zehui Zhang

Girls, don’t only Dream of Being a Princess!
Lecture for optional courses, President of XJTLU Social Work Club
Founder of Suzhou Cross-Culture Communication Company “Mirror Studio”

Listen to those things about makeup, etiquette, self-confidence that girls should know.