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Jihua Wang

Listen to the Voice of Flower, for Ingenuity

Professor of Contemporary Floral Art Design      XJTLU Visiting Professor

Born in Taipei and obtained three master degrees in Biology, Computer Science, and Arts. In the midst of my other professions, I have always been an avid art lover. Art has always been my true passion. I learned from three of the most famous schools from Japan and had travelled to many cities to search and learn from different master instructors of their methods and skills. 

Do you know that in fact, the elegant flower arrangement is originated from China? So I decided to return to my hometown - Suzhou, with the name of love, to continue ingenuity.

Wen Xia

Desperate Summer

Simultaneous Interpretation      AT and TOEFL General Teacher & Company Trainer

I expected to enjoy a peaceful and steady life, but life always went against my will. Studied in Canada and went to Africa to explore the wild.

Work as a translator at Expo in the year 2010 and as a simultaneous interpretation at Shanghai interpretation Association in the year 2012.Organized training camps since 2013 and as a teacher, occasionally jumped on the table during class.

Training, hosting, marketing, NGO, would you like to listen on how I juggle my way around?

Xuechun Mao

"New Perspective" Young Lady

Year 2      Applied English

the Director of Yin Dao Yu Yan

Nowadays, people are talking about feminism. I am concerned about gender issues, willing to explore those female rights which are neglected and misinterpreted. During the first semester of year 2, I have participated in the creation and director of the drama "Yin Dao Yu Ya".

If you're also concerned about feminism or related topic, you are welcome to chat about it!

Kexin Yu

I’m not confused in my University

Year 4      Financial Mathematic

Scholarship Harvester; Internship Talent; Founder of DNF

Have won a national prize, received three academic scholarships and won second prize in an American competition. Self-applied for postgraduate, I was offered by LSE and IC. Founded DNF club to lift juniors up.

Many students are confused about their future when they have entered university. I’m willing to share my experience on each stage with you.

Douglas John Davies

Try Different Thing and Be Yourself

Associate Professor      Programmer Director of BA Human Resources Management

Originally, my first career was as a technician working on locomotive maintenance and repair in the railways. But after doing this for a number of years I decided that I needed a change. So I made the move into management at 28 years old. I completed my PhD at 52 years of age. I am now 64 years of age and have been in China full-time since 2012. I enjoy the culture and my students.

Remember that life can be interesting so be prepared to jump out of the box and try different paths.

Boya Li

The Queen of EEE Major

Year 4      EEE

cholarship winners      North American applicant      Gourmet
 People call me the Queen of EEE-three times first prize in the school, once the national award.Love 

exquisite cuisine, enjoy fitness, I just focus on study when others 

scan the phone.4 times GRE and 2 times TOFEL, finally I got 

the offer from Pennsylvania University.

If you like to ask questions about career planning, time management and abroad application, youare welcome to have a talk with me!

Yixin Pan

Advancing of Poor Study Student

Year 3      Electrical Engineering

Founder of Poor Study Student Club

I failed my exam and repeated as a tough electrical engineering student, but now I am trying to be a better person. I stand from where I fall down after the establishment of poor study student club in my second semester of year 2 study. It is committed to share and pressure by leading the entire poor study students to avoid failing their exams.

If you want to know more about the club and would love to hear my experience and tips to avoid failing exams, please come and have a chat with me!

Yijing Guo

Green-collar Youth with the Standard of United Nation (UN)

Year 2      Environmental Science

a Spokesman for the UN Climate Summit

Accidentally transferred from the popular Financial Mathematic to Environmental Science during year one. I have participated in English debate and Model United Nations; therefore I am always updated to big news with a restless heart.

Do you want to know how does it feel to stand together with the world bigwigs on the United Nations Climate Change Conference? We all know about gold-collar, blue-collar and white-collar, but would you like to learn how to become a truly green collar youth?

Bo Zhao

Super Speaker

TEDx Suzhou Curator      APP" Zhuan Zhuan" Co-Founder

Graduated from foreign enterprise to SBM manager on 2006. I love to challenge myself. I have been graduated for 10 years and made several attempts to start up my own business.

I have been in TEDx Suzhou since 2013. If you like to talk about entrepreneurship, innovation, persistence and endurance, you are welcome to ask questions!

Lingge Dong

Student Lecturer who Wear Cheongsam

Year 2      Communication Studies

“Beauty of Modern Poetry" Optional Course Lecturer

I have a passion for modern poetry and attracted to traditional Chinese culture; Able to speak confidently on stage and walk elegantly in cheongsam. Pursuing the beauty of Chinese words and the reality of poetry, I would like to spread the beauty of modern poetry to XJTLU. Looking forward to meeting you, literature lovers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Zilong Ye

Mr Ye with Wine and Story

Operation Director of Baidu Innovation Center

During my high school, I have stood in the train for 28 hours to Qinghai. I gave up to be a civil servant at the age of 23, I quit to set up a business when I was working as a senior executive in a state-owned enterprise. I never gave up and finally I was admitted to Baidu by chance.

Do you have any questions, apart from searching answer in Baidu, you can also listen to my speech.

Xiangsong Yang

A Coffee Lover Who Do not Wear Aprons

Year 1      Industrial Design

A coffee devotee and also member of XJTLU Football United

Love specialty coffee, love music, love sports. Have participated in marathon and coffee brewing contest.

Want to know how the coffee is processed from the manor to on hand? Would you like to see a live coffee production, and enjoy it personally? Looking forward to share the fanaticism followed the coffee with everyone! 




        4月19日晚6点半,由西交利物浦大学图书馆主办的第二十期“Living Library”真人图书馆活动于中心楼G23W正式开幕。活动以真人为图书,邀请校内外知名讲师与教授作为书目,以多对一的形式进行阅读。本次活动所邀请到的书目有精通插花艺术的王季华教授,来自澳大利亚现任职于西浦IBSS人力资源管理的Douglas John Davies教授,同声传译兼公司培训师夏雯,超级演说家赵博,热爱现代诗歌、倾心古典文化的学生讲师董泠歌等。在不同领域出类拔萃的他们,为前来参加活动的同学们呈现出了不同视角下的多样人生。