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Rongjia Wang

Success in internships and creating her own company

Year 3      Economics and finance

Founder of "Jia Yi Internship”

She did an internship in one of the top 500 companies; she fell in love with it at the first sight.

She taught herself MCM and with a group of friends she took part in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling in the USA.

She has started a business after getting the business license successfully. She created a business providing XJTLU student members opportunities to find internships.

She is getting closer and closer to her dream of studying in North America, also unlocking lots of achievements on the way!

Come and talk to her if you want to know how to get internships or start your own business.

Ellen Touchstone

Love to try and embrace the unknown

IBSS      Senior Assistant Professor

Dr.T has formed a strong bond with China. Her grandfather and grandmother worked in China from 1917-1922 and she came to China to discover her family’s heritage in 2012. She has been trying to develop different interests and explore new possibilities since her schooldays. After every change, she meets a new self. Do you want to become a new person but are fearing the unknown and standing at the crossroads? Come and listen to how she embraces change.

Ping Lu

An unusual traveler

Year 4      civil engineering

unique and passionate researcher

He is the city’s track and field champion, but he prefers to be quiet and studious. He abandoned Imperial College London and LSE offers, preferring to live in the quiet countryside in Canada. He chooses a hard life, he has a unique style.  He is also a travel enthusiast. We welcome you to listen to his travelling tips and life stories. “The world is a book, but people who do not travel only read one page.”

Yang Xu

Telecommunications engineer transforms into a baker

2008 XJTLU Alumni

Happy baker learning telecommunications engineering

When many people are at a loss as to what career path to take, XU Yang is determined to follow his heart, even if it means burning bridges and going alone. While telecommunications engineering students around the world are still battling with cold data, he enjoys listening to music and baking cake.

He knows how to enjoy his youth; he had a burning desire to follow his heart.

Let him tell you “step out bravely, and then you are only a step away from dreams.

Life is infinite. Please break the shackles in front of you. Do what you want to do without fear.”

Xiaoli Guan

A girl who is addicted to Communication Studies

CCTC teacher

Operator of WeChat subscription “self-management”

A teenager who has learnt Communication Studies for 7 years, and has an addiction to the Internet. She became an operator in New Media, after failing to achieve her dream of becoming a beautiful anchorwoman. She faces many challenges in New Media not enough readers, subscriptions being cancelling and leaders criticizing her. She always stays positive throughout these challenges. “It’s OK; you are an angel, coming down to earth, to face these challenges.” Don’t know how to solve the problem? Here, let her help you.

Abigail Moses

Spicy girl from Liverpool

Exchange student from Liverpool

China study, Walking map of Liverpool

In 2016, this beautiful British girl who had learnt philosophy in Liverpool came to Suzhou, and started to learn China studies. After several months’ study, she became a little fan of Chinese culture. She loves travelling, hip-hop, and Sichuan food — completely a “spicy girl”.

She is very straightforward and enthusiastic. Want to know about local life in Liverpool? Want to know about local customs and practices before studying in Liverpool? Come and listen to Liverpool girl’s interesting story.

Rafhanah Qasrina

A girl who learnt 5 languages

Year 2      International business with a language

A language talent who loves volunteer works

In classes, she is a super scholar; after school, she is a warm-hearted girl who loves devoting to volunteer works. In addition, she is a passionate language learner and studies 4 foreign languages. Listen to her story about how to overcome the difficulties and bottlenecks of language learning. Feel the magic of languages and enjoy the glamour of delving into them.

Antonio Mornno-Carrero

Finding pleasure amidst studying

Language center      Stacking castell in Catalonla

When Antonio heading to north-east Spain, what would happen between he and castells? What’s the store behind a Spanish boy and historical castells? Up to now the highest record of castell around the world is 10 floors of people. How do a 10-floor castell build up? What’s the meaning of the symbol of success when the child on the top hold out four fingers? Dangerous! Do not imitate!

Yuewei Xu

A science student who changed 5 learning methods

Year 4      Biological Sciences

Scholarship harvester

From being at bottom of his classes, to achieving many scholarships, including the national scholarship.

From an overweight and unfit person to the Tai Chi club president.

From a man who was shy to speak English to teaching Korean students in English now.

“Study is nothing difficult. The only thing you need to do is keep trying. Love life, love study.” Welcome to XU Yuewei’s splendid performance on the 5 learning methods.

Fei Xie

An elegant “loser”

Year 4      computer science

co-founder of Meow science and technology, dreamer of artificial intelligence

He majored in British classic literature and changed to American advanced technology in Y2. In his previous major, he ranked bottom of the class below all the girls. Now he is very good at computer science. He wants to share his experience of changing majors and urges people to choose a major that they love and are good at.


走进西浦图书馆 借阅真人图书





大三经济与金融专业的王荣佳在活动中分享了自己从如何从实习菜鸟变成创业达人的经历。西浦国际商学院的Ellen Touchstone博士用自身勇于尝试并最终收获惊喜的故事鼓励在场的同学们要敢于尝试、不断挑战自我。来自马来西亚的大二国际商务专业的Rafhanah Qasrina,热爱公益且会五种语言,她在活动现场与同学们分享了学好语言的经验。