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Borrow, Return, Renew & Reserve: 8. Can't find the book?

Shows you how to locate & obtain a book in XJTLU library.

Not available

First make sure you follow the steps in the guide to ensure book is not available. But what if the book you are looking for has really not being purchased by XJTLU Library?

You can either

i) Recommend book for purchase (all users)

ii) Do a inter-library loan of the book (all users)

Recommend book for purchase

If the book you are looking for is not hold in XJTLU Library, you can recommend that the book be purchased by the library.

Do note that while both students and staff can recommend books for purchase, recommendations will be assessed based on whether it meets the library collection development scope. 

Depending on availability of the book, book rush orders can take up to 12 weeks or more.

How to recommend books?

You could login the library catalogue system to suggest books via URL

Inter-Library Loans

To establish a reputation as a research-led University, the University Library strives to meet your teaching, learning and research needs. The Library has provided interlibrary loan and document delivery service, which will help you find and borrow materials (not available in our collections) from our cooperative libraries.

Currently, we have set up interlibrary relationship with National Library of China, Shanghai Library and been a part of interlibrary net of Chinese Academic Library and Information System (CALIS).

The further information, please check Inter-Library Loan Service.