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Borrow, Return, Renew & Reserve: 3. Checking status

Shows you how to locate & obtain a book in XJTLU library.


Before heading to the library to fetch the item, it is highly recommended to check the status of the item in advance.

Ensure that the item has not been checked out therefore available for borrow !

What do the different status codes (In stock, View only, Processing etc.) mean?

Below is a listing of terms/phrases used to describe the different statuses assigned to Library materials:


  What to do

 In stock Item is available for loan, it cannot be reserved. You have to refer to the shelves for it, first come, first served.

 On loan-due date: DD-MM-YY

Item is on loan, and the due date is DD-MM-YY.

Item is under processing and not yet available for loan.

 View only Item is to be viewed in the library only. You have to refer to the shelves or the Course Reserved Area for it, first come first served.

To be processed

The recent recommended books are to be processed. (Suggestion Statue)


Your suggestion has been accepted. (Suggestion Statue)


The book is on shelves and you can borrow it now. (Suggestion Statue)


Your suggestion is unsuccessful, the reason is displayed in the Remark column. (Suggestion Statue