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Patents and Patent Searching: Home



This guide has been created to help in the understanding and searching for patents in the P. R. China and across the globe.

First, you may start by reading the About Patents section to familiarise yourself with patents:

What is a patent? What is patentable? Why search patent literature? How is a patent granted?

If you are searching for a patent by topic or category (with no specific country in mind), it is recommended to start with How to Search Patents tab:

What is a patent search? What are the challenges of patent literature? What are the search strategies?

If you are searching for a patent by a specific country or you have patent number (e.g. US xxxxxxx, WO xxxxxxx, EU xxxxxx), then go directly to the Where to Search Patents page:

How to access the website of regional patent offices? Are there any patent search databases or platforms?

If you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.