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Freshmen Quick Start Guide

Welcome to study in XJTLU, it is the start of a new and exciting adventure. The library is integral to your study and you will need to use the library resources to find information and support your education.

Welcome to XJTLU Library Tour

The Library Tour helps you familiarize library layout, facilities and regulations, offering the chance to explore a world of knowledge.

Tip 1: Please take care of your belongings, Neither the library staff nor other users will be held responsible for the loss or damage of unattended personal belongings;

Tip 2: Any personal items left in the Library Premises after Closing Hours will be taken to the Library Service Counter;

Tip 3: Please get your card ready to enter and exit the Library through the Library access control gate, for those who forgot bringing their ID Cards with them they may use their assigned university login details to open the Wider Access Control Gate to enter and exit the Library. But keep in mind that you can only use this process 8 times for entering and 8 times for exiting each month.

Library Tour

XJTLU Library "Did you know" Videos

How to search and reserve books 

This video shows you how to search, reserve a printed book on XJTLU Library website.(3:45)

How to check and renew current borrowing

Watch this video to learn how to renew current borrowing online. (2:52)







How to reserve a group study room

Watch this video to know how to reserve a group study room in XJTLU Library website. (4:55)







How to register for a library training

Want to know how to register for a library training? This video will guide you. (2:08)







How to request inter-library loan service

This video shows you more details about how to request inter-library loan service. (6:35)







How to find past exam papers

The video shows you how to find past exam papers on XJTLU Library website. (2:25)

Library Activities for Freshmen

Library Resources and Services Induction for New Students

Part I: Introduce lending rules;

Borrow, Renew, Reservation and Suggestion;

How to use "My library".

Part II: Introduce e-resources and services including Discover system, Databases A-Z, LibGuides, LibAnswers, etc.

Date & Time: sept 3 - sept 26 every Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 15:40

Location: CB529


Passing through the Library

Coming to XJTLU Library for the first time,

You might feel a little lost.

How to search, find and borrow a book?

Where are the computer rooms, printers and group study rooms?

If you want to get familiar with the library in a short time,

Come and join our game!

Activity Introduction:

1.Get the task card at the service desk on the first floor of the library, and fill in your name and student number on the card.

  1. Take a group photo of the task card and the task target every time you complete a task.
  2. After completing all tasks, post the photos on the WeChat moments and send the screenshot to the Library’s official account.
  3. All participants will get prizes, among whom 5 people will get customized gift packages in a lucky draw.

Activity Time: 28th August – 8th September


Postcard to My Future Self

At the beginning of a new semester

We are happy to start school

But at the same time, nervous about the new life

We might as well write ourselves a time letter

And send it to ourselves in two years

It’s an imagination of the future

Also a memory of the present

Activity Introduction:

Customized postcards are available at the service desk on the first floor of the library and can be sent to your, your family, or your friends. After writing a postcard, put it into the mailbox on the first floor. The Library will store them in the mailbox, and send them two years later (in August of 2021).

Activity Time: 26th August – 27th September


Wish List for Books

Every second you spend reading is making a better you.

Make a wish list for books,

We’ll make it happen!

Accumulate more knowledge while you are young.

Join us and read more!

Activity Introduction:

Post your wish list for books in the comment section. We will select 10 lucky readers, and send them each a book in the wish list along with the library’s blessing!

Activity Time: 26th August – 13th September

Contact Us

If you have questions about library, library staffs can help.

In person at library service counter

• Call us at 88161290 or 88161291

• Via We Chat or Sina Weibo

Email your questions to