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Freshmen Quick Start Guide

Welcome to study in XJTLU, it is the start of a new and exciting adventure. The library is integral to your study and you will need to use the library resources to find information and support your education.


  • Any person entering or exiting the library must pass through the security gate using their own valid XJTLU Student/Staff Identity Card or Account. 

请用户持本人有效西浦ID 卡或使用有效账户通过安全闸机进出图书馆。 

  • To borrow any item from the library, XJTLU Identity Card must be shown to the library staff at the Library Circulation Desk, or be scanned by the self-service machine. 

在图书馆服务台或使用自助借还机借书时,所有教职员工和学生必须使用本人西浦ID 卡。 

  • Please be quiet in the library. Mobile phones must be turned off or switched to silent mode, please make any phone call in the Mobile Phone Zone. 


  • Please put litter in the bins provided and return books to their assigned place or carts. No food allowed in the library except in the Food and Drink Allowed Area. No food and drinks allowed in computer rooms. No smoking allowed in the whole library. 


  • Borrowers are responsible for the items whilst they are on loan to them. They should make sure that they are returned by the due date, otherwise a fine will be charged. Patrons will be charged for any damage or loss caused to the items. 


  • Books and personal property left unattended on carrels or tables will be considered as an illegal reservation of a reading place. Any personal items left in the library premises after closing hours will be taken to the Library Service Counter(SIP Campus) or CMO Campus Service Center D-1008(Taicang Campus). Neither the library staff nor other users will be held responsible for the loss or damage of unattended personal belongings. 


  • When the exit security alarm triggers, the staff at the library exit reserves the right to ask the patron to show the content of their bags. All library items taken away from the library must be entered into the library system with their borrowing record. 


  • People, who do not comply with the library regulations, may be asked to leave the library by the library staff and may be banned from re-entering. All patrons shall behave in an appropriate manner at all times.