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About Newspapers & Magazines


Newspapers and magazines normally cover diverse topics of popular interest and recent events and thus are useful if you are looking for current information about events, editorials, commentaries, and popular opinions. The features of newspapers and magazines respectively are:




  • Newspapers are usually published daily, collecting short articles about current events;
  • A majority of newspaper articles are written by journalists, editors of freelance writers;
  • There are local newspapers published in a certain area (e.g., city), national newspapers that are sold nationwide, and specialized newspapers that focus on specific fields. 
  • Magazines are periodicals which may be issued weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, collecting articles about current events and popular culture;
  • A majority of magazine articles are written by journalists, editors of freelance writers;
  • Magazine articles are usually longer than newspaper articles, but shorter than scholarly journal articles;
  • Popular magazines include entertainment magazines, fashion magazines, sports magazines, etc.


As you may notice, articles in both newspapers and magazines are not peer-reviewed and thus need a rigorous evaluation if they are going to be used as information sources for in-depth analysis of a topic. To conclude, newspapers and magazines are not appropriate choices for academic purposes.


In this guide, you may find links to newspapers and magazines subscribed by XJTLU Library as well as some free online news sites. What’s more, tips on how to spot fake news are also provided.