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How to Spot Fake News


Which information source would you turn for if  you need the most up-to-date message on a current event? Of course news! However, since fake news is nothing new, you just have to know the tips to figure them out.

Tip 1: Consider the source
Where is the news from? It the source reliable? Is the site maintained by governments or official organisation? Check the information of the source, and try to find out the clues.

Tip 2: Read beyond the headline
Headlines can be misleading! Read a little further before you decide to pass along or comment on the information.

Tip 3: Check the author
Who is the author? What’s his credibility? Is he or she a famous expert in the field?

Tip 4: What’s the support? 
Has the author cited any sources? Are the sources official or reliable? Does the source back up the claim?

Tip 5: Check the date
Some fake news aren’t completely fake, but just claimed that something that happened long ago is related to current events. So be careful about the publication date.

Tip 6: Is this some kind of joke?
Can the information be satire? Check the source, the author as well as the complete story to be sure.

Tip 7: Check your biases
Bias leads people to put more stock in information that confirms their beliefs and discount information that doesn’t. So are you biased when reading certain news?

Tip 8: Consult the experts 
If you are not sure about the source, the author and other information which you know about a pieces of news, why don’t you turn to a librarian for help?