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Financial Data Databases

About this database

CEIC’s Global Database offering provides the critical data for economists and investors to make sense of the fast-changing global environment. CEIC provides a unique blend of macroeconomic, financial and industry data across more than 200 countries collected from official sources and, increasingly, alternative sources like online platforms, satellites, internet searches, and mobility trackers.

CEIC's China Premium Database with more than 386,000 time-series records on Chinese macroeconomic, sector, and regional data, our China database is the perfect companion for any type of research on China's economy.


Access method: Access is provided through CEIC System.

Concept: Macro-economic;       Industrial;        Financial time-series data

Region Global;  China


Documentation and manuals

For more information on how to use the platform, please see the New Comtrade Video Tutorials and Online Tour in CEIC Database or the Start Guide below.