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Financial Data Databases


Compustat  is a standardized database delivering fundamental and market data on over 100, 000 securities to clients through a variety of databases and analytical software products. Compustat North America is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on more than 93,000 active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides thousands of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items. Compustat North America files also contain information on indices, industry segments, banks, market prices, dividends, and earnings.


Access method: Access is provided through the WRDS platform.

Concept Bonds and Fixed Income;    Compensation;      Financial Statements;     Stock Prices

Region: Global;     North America


Available content via WRDS

  • S&P Compustat Global 
  • Compustat Global - daily updates ( data updated daily)
  • S&P Compustat North America - annual update (current + historical data) 
  • Compustat North America - daily updates (current + historical data)  ( data updated daily)
  • S&P Compustat North America - monthly update (current + historical)
  • S&P Compustat Unrestated Quarterly (Charter Oaks) ( data updated quarterly)
  • S&P Compustat Executive Compensation data updated monthly)
  • Capital IQ Captial Structure ( data updated quarterly)
  • Capital IQ Ratings ( data updated quarterly)

Documentation and manuals

Several good manuals are available in the Support section of the WRDS platform.  Please login to WRDS platform to view the Compustat Manuals and Overviews