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Subject Guide for Economics Students

Textbooks for Economic Students

Recommended Books for Economic Students

Physical Location

                 XJTLU Library

          7F, Central Building    行政与信息楼,7楼


                  Primarily for Social Sciences



    LCC Classification Related to BEM

Raise Hall Classification Call No. Sub-classification

B3-Level 7

H HA1-4737 Statistics
    HB 1-3840    Economic theory, demography
    HC 10-1085  Economic history and conditions
    HD28-0000    Industries, management, OB, labor, responsibility of company
    HE 1-9990 Transportation and Communication
    HF1-6182        Commerce, trade
    HF5001-6182  Business  
    HF5549  Personnel management, employment management
    HG 1-9999        Finance   
    HG1501-3550  Banking
    HJ9-9940           Public finance


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