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Course Reserves,Short Loan,Restricted Resources

What is "Course Reserves"

Course reserves are library materials made available to students at the request of faculty. Items in the Course Reserves are for short-term loan only, so as to expedite circulation and increase student’s accessibility to course related resources.

“Curriculum” is a new feature in the Library Catalogue System. This feature provides students with a convenient way of searching for their desired reference books. “Curriculum” covers the reference books of each new semester, and one copy of these reference books can be found in Course Reserves area.

How to Submit Course Reserves Items & Processing Time

How to Submit Course Reserves Items

Method 1: Add the item titles into the “Reference Textbook” module in the E-bridge, and one of the available copies will be put on the Course Reserves bookshelf.

Method 2: Email the “Library Collection Circulation Type Changing Request Form” to Or directly submit the form to the Library Circulation Desk.

Library Collection Circulation Type Changing Request Form


Course Reserves are processed upon academic staff's submission. Library staff process the item on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Please note:

Processing times are approximate and will vary depending on the time of the semester, the amount and availability of materials, and other factors. Library-owned materials needed for Reserves are often out on loan and must be recalled before they can be processed. This can cause significant delays. Although we are committed to making Course Reserve books available when needed, we cannot guarantee processing time.

How to Access to Course Reserves

Method 1:

  1. Search the item on the library OPAC system ( based on the different attributes such as title, author, ISBN or others.
  2. Check the availability of the Course Reserves item you want and find out its call number. The location of the Course Reserves items is “SIP Floor 3 - Course Reserves” or “Taicang Floor 1 - Course Reserves” .

Method 2: 

  1. To search for any reference books that you need, please go to  . 
  2. Reference books can either be browsed in the Course List or be searched for by Module Title, Module Code, Department or Semester through the search engine.                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Click on “Module Title” to see the book information including title, author, public information and call number.
  4. Click on “Title” of the book to see the specific information such as location and status.
  5. Click on “Follow” to collect reference book information that you need.
  6. The collected information can be found in “My Module” of “My Lib”.

Borrowing and Returning Course Reserves

Borrowing Course Reserves

Request a Course Reserves item at the Library Circulation Desk by call number.

Loan period: Course Reserves items must be returned before the Circulation Desk closing hours on the borrowed day.

Please note:

  • Loan QuotaOnly 2 Course Reserves items may be requested for each account.
  • Renewal, Reservation & Inter-Branch Delivery: Course Reserves items are not allowed to be renewed, reserved or requested between different campuses. First come, first served.
Returning Course Reserves

Course Reserves items must be returned to the Library Circulation Desk. Please do not return to self-borrowing and returning machines.

Fines: Due to the great demand for items in the Course Reserves, fines are high in order to deter borrowers from keeping materials past the due date and time. 0.5 RMB per item per day will be charged for any overdue Course Reserves item.

Note: When Course Reserves items are overdue, your borrowing privileges will be blocked until you return them. If you continue to deprive others of Course Reserves materials by keeping them overdue, you may be barred from all Course Reserves checkouts. You may also be reported to the Student Affairs Office, and your name may be given to the course instructor.