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XJTLU Library E-Discovery Week 2016: Review

Here you can find the archives of previous E-Discovery weeks


Participants Reflection

  • Volunteer

  • " When I serviced as a volunteer, I could feel every participator’s passion of studying electronic database. Many people would actively search and counsel available resources even without guiding. Each time I answered students’ questions, I would receive their sweet smile and gratitude. "

    " In advertising activities of E-Discovery week, I practiced my English speech expression, response capacity and cooperation ability through interacting and communicating with different people. "

    " One of things I obtained in volunteer work is friend, not only other volunteer crew in activities, but also some schoolmates I didn’t know before. I felt very happy when I shared various kinds of information to these guys."

  • Student

  • " I have learnt a lot from this E-discovery week.It's useful for gathering information for my dissertation. "

    "Because this gives you the opportunity to learn more what is happening in the industrial civil engineering and other industries' or related activities."

  • Trainner

  • "So they have a better understanding on what are those resources.Maybe some resources that is not public, but it is pretty related to what their subjects."

  • Librarian

  • "Many students have learnt a lot of about the library e-resource as well as searching skills. They will need for their research and study in future in XJTLU. I wish them good luck in future."

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