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Everything you need to know about finding and using e-books in XJTLU Library.

How to Find E-books


The easiest way to access e-books is to search the Library's one-stop search tool Discover. Discover can not only help you find the e-books purchased or subscribed by XJTLU Library, but also find Open Access e-books which are freely available online.

1. If you know which e-book you would like to find, just conduct a quick search for the TITLE of the e-book in the Discover search box on library homepage

In search results list, you will be able to find the matched records. There might be two or three records indicating the same e-book, they are from different sources in the Discover systems and might be categorised as different types of resources in Discover. But the links under each record can all help you to find the full text. 

There are several types of links:

  • "Access eBook Full-text" -- You will be able to view or download the e-book directly at the publisher's site
  • "Full Text Access" -- You will also be able to view or download the e-book directly at the publisher's site
  • "Retrieve Catalogue Item" -- You will be directed to the e-book information page in Library Catalogue (OPAC), and you can use the Electronic Location and Access URL there to get access

If a print book has a corresponding e-book version, there will also be a link of "Full Text Access" appearing under its record so that you can quickly find the e-version's full text.

2. If you are not sure which e-book you would like to find, you can simply search the Discover by keywords.

Make sure that you have limited the Source Types to eBooks and Electronic Resources to get the most accurate results. We do not recommend you to select Books in the Source Types filter, or you will also get a list of records of print books.


Library Catalogue, or OPAC can help to search for the e-books in library collections. You may use the Catalogue Search box on library homepage to conduct quick searches for known e-book titles or keywords.

In the search result list, click the title of the e-book you would like to view to go to its detailed record page. If you are searching by keywords, click "E-BOOK" under the "Type" limiter to see all the e-book results.

In the detailed record page, find "Electronic Location and Access" field, and use the link the access the full-text of e-book.

Start browsing the Library's major e-book collections from Databases A-Z list. Find the link to Databases A-Z on library homepage.

In the Databases A-Z list, select "eBooks" under "All Database Types" to find the e-book collections. You can also use the "All Subjects" filter to further limit the subject.