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Services for Persons with Disabilities

The XJTLU Library serves as an important research and educational resource for the students, faculty, and staff of the university. In order to ensure all users equitable access to the library's collections, public services, and web resources, the library has developed a program of services that enable users with disabilities to take full advantage of its offerings.

Entry to the Library.

Emergency Building Evacuation.

Library Orientation.

Catalog Assistance.

Book Collection and Loans.

Printing, Copying and Scanning.

Reference Service.

Group Study Rooms

Information Commons.



Entry to the Library

On regular basis, every user needs to swipe his or her university card to enter the library at the entrance. The wide access gate besides (often for visit use) provides a means of entry for disabled users. The gate is controlled by the library staff at the Reception Desk.

All floors of the Library are accessible by lifts. Disabled users have priority access to the lifts at all times. Disabled users may experience difficulty in some sections of the Library. You can contact the library staff at the service counter if you require assistance. 



Telephone: 0512-88161290/1291(XJTLU Library at SIP Campus)

Telephone: 0512-88970716/0717(XJTLU Library at Taicang Campus)


Emergency Building Evacuation

All university buildings will have an evacuation plan for emergency situations such as fire. These plans include specific instructions on the evacuation of disabled people.

Notices are posted in the libraries advising disabled users how to evacuate the building.

If you require assistance to evacuate the building in an emergency

XJTLU Library at SIP Campus: please contact (Service Counter: 0512-88161290/1291) or (PMO: 0512-88161066) or 110 for making any proper arrangements.

XJTLU Library at Taicang Campus: please contact (Service counter:0512-88970716/0717) or (CMO Campus Service Center D-1008:0512-88970792/0793) or 110 for making any proper arrangements.


Library Orientation

Library orientation programs are available for all new staff and students. All library staff will be happy to provide assistance for disabled users in using the library.

The XJTLU Library attaches great importance to your first few visits. So during the first few weeks, the library staff will give a brief introduction of our library’s functions and services to you, especially to help you use the library catalogue and find books.

Online information is also available to help you to use the library, providing information on all aspects of library service.

Please see more details at Using the Library.


Catalog Assistance

The library staff can retrieve books from OPAC ( and get them for borrowing for the person with disabilities. On an individual basis, library staff will check to see if these items are on the shelf in advance.


Book Collection and Loans

For disabled users, the library staff at the service counter is prepared for the following service in this regard:

  1. Fetching the books and journals from the shelf areas

  2. Borrowing library trolleys for them who have difficulty carrying books

  3. Helping them borrow or return books at the service counter or the self-service machine.

  4. Extension of loan periods or making reservations on an individual basis when possible.


Printing, Copying and Scanning

The XJTLU Library at SIP Campus has 5 printers available (four located at the Self-printing Area on 1F, 3F, 4F, 5F, and one near the stairs on 9F). If you encounter any problems while using the printers, please refer to the IT Service Desk on 4F (0512-88167700). Please note that you need to swipe your university ID card to access the printer service, and fees will be charged from your  prepaid account.

XJTLU Library at Taicang Campus also has three printers available for your use (each at Self-printing Area in the Learning Commons of 1F, 2F and 3F.)


Reference Service

Reference service aims to help users find pertinent information efficiently and effectively. If the person with disability has questions on finding information, he can either ask a Reference Librarian or learn the information skills through various ways offered by the ALRD (Academic Liaison and Reference Division).


Telephone: 0512-88166557/6710

Online Reference Service:


Group Study Rooms

The Group Study Rooms are for use by students and staff of the university who need to work together for academic and research purposes.

Person with disabilities may book a group study room online in person or by the library staff before use. Please visit the Room Booking website at or contact (SIP Service Counter : 0512-88161290/1291; Taicang Service Counter : 0512-88970716/0717) for more information.


Information Commons

XJTLU Library at SIP Campus provides many information commons for the disabled users in the library, which are located on the 4th and 5th floor. The Information Commons (463, 416, 516, 563, 529) are open for the disabled users when no teaching activity is scheduled. You can contact the library staff at the service counter if you require assistance. 


Telephone: 0512-88161290/1291