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About Researcher Academy@XJTLU Library

Researcher Academy@XJTLU Library is a scholarly communication theme project by XJTLU Library. It aims to guide researchers (especially early-career researchers) through different phases of the research cycle, from research preparation to publishing and disseminating research, and introduce various related research and scholarly communication topics.


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Topics We Will Cover

Fundamentals of Manuscript Preparation

Topics may include:

  • Key components of a research article
  • Tips for how to build a research article
  • Tips for writing a good abstract
  • Common writing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Technical writing skills (e.g., LaTex)
  • Research data management
  • Managing your references

Understanding Scholarly Publishing and Getting Your Research Published

Topics may include:

  • Fundamentals of scholarly publishing and key players
  • Selecting the right journal for publishing
  • Knowing publishing ethics rules
  • Understanding peer review
  • Advice on responding to reviewers/editors' comments
  • Common reasons for rejecting an article and how to avoid them
  • Predatory Publishing
  • Book Publishing

Understanding Open Access

Topics may include:

  • Introduction to open access (OA) and OA initiatives
  • Benefits of publishing open access
  • Common misunderstanding of open access
  • Options for making your work open access
  • Paywall for scholarly research

Ensuring the Visibility of Your Research and Maximising Impact

Topics may include:

  • Research impact metrics and altmetrics
  • Advice on promoting and disseminating your research
  • Tips for tracking and measuring your research impact
  • Conference skills to get research accepted
  • Social networking for researchers

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