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Copyright and Fair Use at XJTLU Library

Consequences of Copyright Infringement

There could be various consequences for copyright infringement, but all possible consequences could have negative influence. It is suggested that you consult the fair use suggestions when copying or using library resources or other external resources. The individual who infringes copyright will be responsible for any financial or legal liability.

 Any fraudulent use of library’s resources will result in the block of whole university’s access to resources as well as damage the university’s reputation. Therefore, the university will take summary jurisdiction for any breaches of the rules.

Penalties for Copyright Infringement

Penalties permissible under summary jurisdiction include one or more of the following:

i. A formal warning;

ii. Requirement to remove materials that have been fraudulent used;

iii. Log in LiVE, enroll yourself in Copyright Awareness Module, and complete the Copyright Awareness Quiz (online);

iv. A requirement to make a written commitment to XJTLU Library;

v. Withdrawal of library privileges for:

  • three months if first infringement;
  • one year if second infringement;
  • permanent if third or above infringement;

vi. Student continued infringement to be treated as misconduct under the terms of the Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline;

vii. Staff continued infringement to be treated as misconduct under the terms of the Staff Handbook.