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Book Acquisition (for Staff)

Purchase Request Form

Complete the following form according to the instructions and submit to library liaison officer who is responsible for collecting requests, or occasionally to the liaison librarian.

Staff Self-Purchase Reimbursement

Staff Self-Purchase Reimbursement is an alternative option for staff to recommend books. Please carefully read the following document and follow the instructions in it if you would like to adopt this method to recommend books.

Book Selection & Order Placement in Bookstores

As an alternative way to recommend books for the library, staffs can select and place orders in the following bookstores.

Eslite Spectrum Suzhou(苏州诚品书店)

  • TEL: 0512-62986008
  • ADD: No.8 Yue Lang Street, Suzhou Industrial Park

Phoenix Bookstore(凤凰苏州书城)

  • TEL: 0512-62606666
  • ADD: No.158 SuZhou Avenue West, Suzhou Industrial Park

Xinhua Bookstore in GuanQian Street(观前街新华书店)

  • TEL: 0512-67270241
  • ADD: No.166 GuanQian Street, Suzhou

Please show staff card to bookstore receptionist when you are ordering books.