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Inter-Library Loan: About

Information about Interlibrary service: how to use, policies and resources, contact information

Interlibrary Loan

About Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (abbreviated ILL, and sometimes called interloan, interlending, document delivery, or document supply) is a service whereby a user of one library can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library.The user makes a request with their local library, which, acting as an intermediary, identifies owners of the desired item, places the request, receives the item, makes it available to the user, and arranges for its return.

The lending library usually sets the due date and overdue fees of the material borrowed. In many cases, nominal fees accompany interlibrary loan services.


 XJTLU Interlibrary Service

To establish a reputation as a research-led University, the University Library strives to meet your teaching, learning and research needs. The Library has provided interlibrary loan and document delivery service, which will help you find and borrow materials (not available in our collections) from our cooperative libraries.

Currently, we have set up interlibrary relationship with National Library of China, Shanghai Library and been a part of interlibrary net of Chinese Academic Library and Information System (CALIS).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

** Is it available for interlibrary loan to get the books that can't be ordered because of out of print?

Yes. We try the best to provide the book through an interlibrary loan if requested material is out of print, not available for purchase.


** What is the provisions international interlibrary loan and document delivery? What if the physical material is available in University of Liverpool Library?

Currently, we have secured cooperation among several national library alliances and associations to provide interlibrary service to staff and students. A lot of international journals and western books can be obtained from our cooperated libraries in China.

Even if some specific requests can't be obtained in China, with the support of National Library of China and Shanghai Library, we could have indirect connections to their oversea partners. If the book is available in University of Liverpool Library, please click HERE to find UoL interlibrary loan.


 ** Is it possible to embed interlibrary loan being part of system, rather than individual emails to each specialty librarian to see if books/publications are available?

The Library has two main automatic document delivery systems, Duxiu academic search and Chinese academic library and information system (CALIS).

You can search the desired item via Duxiu (metalink) and fill out the form on line with an email address. The requested paper will be sent to the email address provided.

Also, you may register your CALIS ILL account with your XJTLU account and submit your request.


** Where can I find the user's  instructions for these ILL systems?

The manuals are available in this guide, check HERE.


** How long can I get the requested article through interlibrary loan service?

In general, you are expected to receive electronic article within 1-3 working days after the request is placed. 


** Should I pay the cost of interlibrary loan if the item is used for XJTLU teaching and research?

Currently,the library has a reserved budget to provide interlibrary service for XJTLU staff and students. If the items are for the purpose of XJTLU teaching and research, the cost will be approved to use library budget. Otherwise, you are responsible to pay for the item. Check the Interlibrary Loan Policy for detail.


** Whom could I contact regarding interlibrary loan service when I need further help?

If you need further assistance, please contact us by emailing to