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Interlibrary Loan: CCC

Information about Interlibrary service: how to use, policies and resources, contact information

Beyond XJTLU

Main options you may use to access a wider collection of materials:

CCC Manual

CCC is the abbreviation of CALIS Current Contents of Western Journal. It is a user-oriented, integrated platform supporting Chinese users to search the contents of western journals and allowing our librarians to provide inter-library loan service based upon its massive source data.

The platform has indexed over 100,000 kinds of printed and digital journals, over 40,000 of which are updated the article titles on a weekly basis. The number of records of western journal article in CCC is now more than 80,000,000.

Access link:

Please read the How to Create your CALIS ILL Account carefully before you submit your Inter-library loan or document delivery request through CCC.