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Selected New Arrivals

Recommended Books on Language Learning

Recommended Graded Readers for Freshmen

Title Call NO. ISBN
Martin Luther King EN/PE1121./MAR 9781405881944
Silver Blaze and Other Stories EN/PE1127./A1 9787560020686
The Promise EN/PE1117./A2 9787560021089
New York EN/PE1121./NEW 9781405881975
The Darling Buds of May EN/PE1121./DAR 9781405867696
Just Good Friends EN/PE1127./X4 9787560022949
The Ironing Man EN/PR6053./A4696 9787560027326
Double Cross EN/PE1128./X1 9787560026572
The House by the Sea EN/PZ3./G54 9787560022697
Sense and Sensibility EN/PR4034./S42 9787560039923
Title Call NO. ISBN
Gladiator EN/PE1117.A2./GLA/58*1 9780582471177
The Diary of a Young Girl EN/DS135./N6 9780582417762
The Godfather EN/PE1117./A2*5 9780582417878
Strangers on a Train EN/PE1127.A2./STR/48 9780582418127
Seven EN/PE1121./SEV 9781405882309
The Smuggler EN/PE1117./X3 9787560020655
The Women Who Disappeared EN/PE1127./A1 9787560020662
The Picture of Dorian Gray EN/PE1127.A2./PIC/35 9787560040493
The Lady in White EN/PE1127./X8 9787560027845
The Great Gatsby EN/PS3511./I9 9787810807241
Title Call NO. ISBN
Emma EN/PE1121./EMM 9781405074544
Gone with the Wind EN/PS3525.I972./G6 9780582418066
About a Boy EN/PE1127.A2./ABO/53 9780582779624
Cinderella Man EN/PE1127.A2./CIN/46 9781405806428
The Time Machine EN/PR5774./T5 9781405833493
Round the World in Eighty Days EN/PZ3./V594 9780582427204
Stories of Detection and Mystery EN/PE1127.A2./STO/23 9780582419391
Sherlock Holmes Short Stories  EN/PE1117./A2*4 9780582419384
Great Expectations EN/PE1127.A2./GRE/22 9787810807104
The Invisible Man EN/PR5774./I6 9780582419308
Title Call NO. ISBN
Rebecca EN/PE1117.A2./REB/144 9781405077132
Vanity Fair EN/PE1121./VAN*1 9781405083928
The Creative Impulse and Other Stories EN/PE1121./CRE 9781405073226
Mine Boy EN/PE1121./MIN 9781405073264
Brave New World EN/PE1127.A2./BRA/26 9780582419452
Business at the Speed of Thought EN/PE1117.A2./P46*1 9780582343009
Captain Corelli's Mandolin PR6054.E132.CAP-5 9780582461352
A Love for Life EN/RC280.B8./M358 9787560027876
Our Mutural Friend EN/PE1127.A2./OUR/41 9781405073295
The Beach EN/PE1127.A2./BEA/62 9780582435674