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Off-Campus Access



Since almost all XJTLU Library e-resources need user authentication, they can only be used within XJTLU’s IP addresses using the XJTLU network. As a result, if your device is connected to the campus network, you can directly access all Library e-resources. However, if you are off-campus, you will have to follow certain steps to access Library e-resources.

There're THREE off-campus access methods: 

1. Login on EZproxy Interface (Highly recommended)

EZproxy ensures successful access to most of the Library e-resources, except few special-case databases. Normally, once you try to access Library e-resources remotely, the EZproxy login interface pops out so that you can get user authentication very conveniently. Please refer to Login on EZproxy Interface for details.

2. Connect to XJTLU VPN (For special cases)

After connecting to XJTLU VPN, you may access Library e-resources just as on-campus. Please kindly note that databases with  on Databases A-Z list are only accessible via XJTLU VPN. Please refer to Connect to XJTLU VPN for XJTLU VPN User Guide.

3. Login on CARSI-Shibboleth Interface (Backup applied for a few resources)

CARIS-Shibboleth only supports a few library e-resources, so it performs as a backup and is suggested to use only when the first two methods fail to support off-campus access. Please kindly check the Login on CARSI-Shibboleth Interface for applied database list. 

You may view details of any method by clicking the corresponding tab at the left column.

Library E-resources & Online Services


You may watch the following video to learn more about how to use XJTLU Library e-resources and online services when you are off-campus. 

Fair Use of XJTLU Library Resources


As a member of XJTLU community, you should follow Fair Use of XJTLU Library’s Resources. Bulk downloading or systematic downloading are always prohibited. Additionally, make sure to keep your XJTLU account and password confidential. Your account will be closed and implemented investigation if any illegal use happened.