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Financial Data Databases

About this database

CEIC Data cover Macro-economic, industrial and financial time-series data. CEIC database cover three main categories of information: Economic, Sector, and Corporate.

  • Global Database

Contains over 2.5 million time series covering economies from the United States and China to Vietnam, Bulgaria, Chile, and Kenya. It offers a quick country reference on key indicators such as GDP, GNP, FDI, and CPI, as well as detailed, hard-to-find information on 18 macroeconomic and 14 industrial sectors.

  • China Premium Database

Offers over 300,000 time-series records on macroeconomic, sector, and regional data that can be easily accessed, organized, and exported.The China Premium Database provides both comprehensive overviews and detailed statistics on everything from GDP, GNP, FDI, CPI and inflation rates over time to the historical performance of the automobile, energy, and manufacturing industries.It also offers selected datasets such as land and resources, environmental protection, and private equity.