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Financial Data Databases

About this database

BoardEx contains full details on public company boards; board directors and senior managers, from companies around the globe. Networks of directors are mapped out based on time they've spent at the same organizations. BoardEx currently contains details on over 952,000 Individuals and over 1.45 million Organizations both public and private.

The BoardEx Core Reports are sets of excel files containing all of the available data for the selected subset(s) and region(s) for the full time-series.  The excel files are delivered one-time via a secure file transfer protocol.  The client will be provided with a link to the download site along with the necessary credentials to access the site.  The client will then download all of the provided files onto their own computer or server for storage and for sharing among the other authorized users at the university.  The Core Reports are produced in April and October of each year.  The client will be provided the most recent set of files and will be entitled to request any available refreshes during the term of the subscription.