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Financial Data Databases

About this database

CSMAR Database is the comprehensive database for Chinese business research, covering data on the Chinese stock market; financial statements and China Corporate Governance of Chinese Listed Firms.

The subscription includes 38 sub-databases, and 11 of them can be accessed via WARDS. Years of data dating back are different in different sub-databases. Earliest data dating back to 1949.

CSMAR requires individual registration before get data


New Functions Available :

Cross-table Query -- Free selection of 4000+variables from 200+ tables and 55+databases can be achieved by CSMAR [Cross table Query]. Users can quickly sort out the variables by searching keywords and easily locate the table source, which saves a lot of time in matching multiple tables, improves the efficiency of research and brings great convenience to researchers.

Python API -- To facilitate users to get data directly, CSMAR provides an API data interface for Python access. Users can call API function to set up Time setting (start time-end time), code screening (market, code classification, etc.), variables settings (select key variables), which is an easier method to handle far larger data queries and download faster. Using python to access CSMAR data improves the efficiency of empirical research effectively.
For detailed information ,please read the user guide .