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Financial Data Databases

About this database

ORBIS Bank Focus provides ‘as reported’ financial items available both in English and local languages, local GAAP and IFRS formats whenever available. For example, the ‘as reported’ format for US banks includes more than 3,000 line items. It also covers new types of financial institutions such as US Credit Unions and integrates new data sets such as credit default swaps from Markit (CDS). The news is provided by FACTIVA (owned by Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal) via 32,000 sources in 28 languages covering nearly every country in the world. Orbis Bank Focus offers the most detailed and contemporary financial format available and is ideal for cross-country comparison. It’s supported by a highly knowledgeable bank analysis team. It’s constantly updated with the latest accounting and regulatory disclosures, including:

• Basel III CET1

• transitional vs fully loaded regulatory capital ratios

• total loss absorbing capacity

• minimum requirement for own funds and eligible capital

• net stable funding

• holdco double leverage

• market risk e.g. stress VaR, interest rate risk, FX risk

• derivative netting and collateral