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Get Your Library Rewards

Library Reward Program is an incentive program that set to encourage users to read, learn and participate in library activities by rewarding them with points for using the library.

Users will automatically earn reward points from conducting activities such as borrowing books, renewing books online, making reservations, suggesting books, and attending Library training sessions or events. Details are shown as below.

Once you’ve earned enough reward points you can redeem them at the circulation desk to reduce your overdue fines or raising the borrowing limits.

We hope this program can inspire user’s enthusiasm to discover and make full use of library resources, facilities and equipment, to interact in a multi-facet and multi-level way in library trainings and events. 

How to Increase and Redeem Your Record Points

Rewards will be given based on the categories listed on the following table.


Point Increase


Point Increase

Borrowed books

1 point per book

"Top room booker"exclusive points

10 points per month

OPAC book renewal

2 points per book

Library volunteers

5-50 points

OPAC book reservation

2 points per book

Participation in library trainings

10 points per attendance

OPAC book suggestion

2 points per book

Participation in library activities

10 points per attendance

OPAC book comments

1 point per book

“Library hopping talent” exclusive point

10 points per month

Books' donation

5 points per book



Users can redeem their points to reduce book overdue fine, increase borrowing limit and exchange gifts.


Point deduction


Deduction of book overdue fines

2 points per RMB 0.1

Where every 2 points is equal to RMB0.1

Increase of borrowing limit

10 points per book

When user’s account has reached the borrowing limit, 10 points will be deducted for every additional borrowed book.

Gift exchange

Corresponding points will be deducted for gifts

Redeem every year

How to Find Your Record Points

Step 1: Go to XJTLU Library website at and clickCatalogue”.



Step 2: Login to your account.




Step 3: Click “My Lib” and your “Total Rewards” and “Available Rewards” will be shown.


Point Redemption Details and Methods

  1. The initial reward point in Library Management System to new registered users is 0.
  2. Users can check their personal point redemption details through “My reward” in “My library” via Library OPAC.

  3. Deduction of book overdue fines:Users can use their personal points at the circulation desk to deduct book overdue fines.

  4. Increase of borrowing limit:Users can use their personal points at the circulation desk to increase book borrowing limit.

  5. Before the cancellation of a user's account, points will not be cleared and will remain in the account.

  6. Every year the library will organize some point redemption activities where users can redeem their respective gifts according to their points, after redemption, the corresponding points will be deducted.

Ask Us

If you have questions about your library records, library staffs can help.

• 3rd floor at Library Circulation Desk (Library in Central Building,North Campus)

• Call us at 88161290 or 88161291

• Via We Chat or Sina Weibo

• Email your questions to


1st floor at Library Circulation Desk (XJTLU Library at Taicang Campus)

• Call us at 88970716 or 88970717

• Email your questions to