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Freshmen Quick Start Guide

Welcome to study in XJTLU, it is the start of a new and exciting adventure. The library is integral to your study and you will need to use the library resources to find information and support your education.


A Group Study Room can be booked through the Group Study Room Booking Machine in the library. This machine is limited to room booking within 7 Days. The Group Study Room Booking System ( provides another option for students and staff to book the room.


Group Study Room Booking Machine User Guide


     (i) Please swipe your ID card and select time period and the specific group study room you want;

     (ii) Please swipe group members' ID cards one by one.

     (iii) Finally click “Confirm” bottom.                                                                            


Library homepage also provides another option for users to book group study room.

You can find the related Group Study Room Booking Instructions  via the following link.