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Books on Academic Writing

This section leads you to various books relevant to Academic Writing and writing in library's collections.

Academic Writing

As a university student, writing academic papers is a necessary task. Academic writing is different from secondary school writing. This section will help you to get some basic ideas and tips about academic writing.


Web Resources for Academic Writing

What is an academic paper?

-- An article from the Dartmouth Writing Program, Dartmouth College

The article consists of the following sections:

·     Writing for College

·     Constructing an Informed Argument

·     Choosing an Appropriate Topic

·     Finding a Rhetorical Stance

·     Considering Structure

·     Using Appropriate Tone and Style

·     Tips for Newcomers


Harvard University Writing Resources

-- Writing resources provided by Harvard Writing Center

The article discussed different aspects of academic writing, including


·     Overview of the Academic Essay

·     Essay Structure

·     Beginning the Academic Essay

·     Outlining

·     Revising the Draft

·     Editing the Essay

·     Tips on Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

·     Other aspects


Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

-- An online writing lab set up by Purdue University

It is a famous website where students, teachers and researchers can find different types of instructions regarding academic writing and professional writing, including report style, citation format and how to avoid plagiarism.