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General Guide

XJTLU Library is dedicated to instruction, research and service based on the highest standards of discovery, creativity, and intellectual attainment via purchasing materials which support the teaching and learning mission of the University. Textbook service, provided by the University Library, is intended to prepare print and electronic materials which supplement the learning experience taking place in the classroom.


Mandatory Textbook – a type of module textbook assigned by module leader/convener, either in print or electronic format, for which students must purchase and will be charged whether they collect it or not.

Optional Textbook – a type of module textbook assigned by module leader/convener, in print format only, on which students are free to make buying decisions.

Reference Book – a type of reference material recommended by academic staff either during textbook request collection or making regular book recommendations, which is included in library holdings.

Desk Copy– a free copy of a Mandatory/Optional Textbook which Library Textbook and Publication Division (TPD) has ordered, provided to module leader/convener only.

Textbook Management System (TMS) – an online system ( used for textbook request collection, textbook distribution, statistics analysis and other textbook management issues.


  1. Module leader/convener shall take responsibility to:
  1. review textbook history and module specification for the module;
  2. assign the most appropriate textbook to present module content and accomplish module objectives with consideration of textbook cost;
  3. provide accurate and complete information (including ISBN, title, author, publisher) for the textbook via TMS within the specified deadline;
  4. confirm textbook decisions in TMS;
  5. confirm, change or cancel order within 5 working daysupon receiving the notice of special cases (out of stock, out of print, regional sales restriction, sensitive content, extra high cost, edition update) of a textbook from the Library;
  6. distribute the electronic textbook or access code to print textbook to students.
  1. Head of Department (HoD) shall take the responsibility to:
  1. review and approve the textbook request when more than two titles are to be assigned for a module;
  2. assume the responsibilities above for absent module leader/convener regarding textbook issues.

  1. Library Liaison Officer (LLO) shall take the responsibility to circulate textbook notices and issues within department including textbook request collection, desk copy collection, reminder of deadlines and ordering status, and give the department’s collective feedback to the Library.

  1. Registry shall take responsibility to:
  1. provide accurate information of each module to the Library including module code, module title, number of students enrolled in WEEK 5 of each semester;
  2. provide accurate and complete module information to the Library including personal and module enrollment (module code and module title) information of students one week before textbook distribution of each semester.   
  1. Management Information Technology and System (MITS) Office shall take responsibility to:
  1. provide accurate and complete information for TMS in WEEK 5 of each semester;
  2. make sure TMS, computers, network and printers work properly two days before textbook distribution of each semester;
  3. provide regular maintenance of TMS.

  1. Library shall take responsibility to:
    1. coordinate with Registry and MITS for data preparation;
    2. collect textbook requests in WEEK 7 & WEEK 8 of each semester;
    3. coordinate with book agencies and publishers for textbook ordering;
    4. follow up on textbook order status and provide feedback to departments;
    5. distribute textbooks to students;
    6. manage textbook stocks;
    7. coordinate with Finance Office for textbook fee settlement.

  1. Student shall take responsibility to:
  1. collect textbooks with ID card according to the announced schedule;
  2. double check textbook information when collecting textbooks and check out with signature on receipts;
  3. confirm textbook fee settlement within the announced deadline.