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Copyright and Fair Use at XJTLU Library

Fair Use of Print Journals

  Under the term of Copyright Law of People’s Republic of China and Regulation on the Protection of the Right to Communicate Works to the Public over Information Networks (2013 Revision), the individuals could copy any copyright work for research and private study without having right’s holder’s permissions. Copying an article from an issue of a periodical is usually considered as fair use.   

Fair Use of E-Journals

  Most electronic journals/e-resources are made available for use in Higher Education institutions under the terms of the licence by which they are supplied. These licences will vary from product to product. The licences will usually state what is allowed to be copied and what isn't. Bulk downloading using Internet tools or systematic downloading/printing are always prohibited.


  Although publishers may permit the downloading of an article to your PC or making a print copy for your study and research, it will almost certainly not allow you to share this on a publicly accessible website.