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Accessing XJTLU Library

Rules and Regulations

●  XJTLU Library main purpose is to serve the academic learning, teaching and research needs of the faculty, staff and students of the University. Individuals who are not currently members of the XJTLU may also apply for the use of the Library for a fee.

●  Library privileges are granted on a individual basis only and may not be used by or on behalf of anyone else. Users are responsible for complying with Library regulations and for all fees and losses incurred. The Library reserves the right to deny use to individuals that abuse library privileges.

●  The annual fee and card cost are non-refundable; anyone who losses his/her card should pay for the cost of card replacement.

●  External member may get their deposit refunded once he/she discontinues the library service, the overdue fees, book lost fees and other fees will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is not enough for the required fees, applicant should make additional payment to XJTLU Finance Office to settle the fees.

●  The expiration date of the card will be December 31st  of the application year. External members who want to renew his/her library membership should pay the annual fee and other previously outstanding fees to XJTLU Finance Office. For more detail please check the XJTLU Library website.

Borrower’s Card for External Members

Applicable persons


Application Date

Annual Fees


● Supervisors in Suzhou Education Investment Co.Ltd;

● Researcher invited by XJTLU Academic Staff for Research Purpose 


● Building Access – allowed until closing

● Check out materials from the library

● Loan length – 42 days for only General Items. 

● Book limit – 3 books for only General Items

January 1st-May 31st

300 RMB

2000 RMB

June 1st –December 31st

150 RMB


the same as above



Application for XJLTU External Member Borrower’s Card Form

To apply, please fill in the Application for XJLTU External Member Borrower’s Card Form with the supporting documents by email to 

Library staff will contact you upon receipt of your application form. Request will be considered on an individual basis. The Library reserves the right to reject any request.

Friendly Tips for Passing Security Exit after Visiting

Please check your belongings to see if any Library items have been mistakenly taken when the security gate alarm triggers. At the same time, the security guard will remind you and reserves the right to check your belongings.

Enquires and Suggestions

We are constantly looking for convenient ways to enhance access to the Library services and facilities by all visitors. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact (+86) 0512-8816 1290/1291 or email