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Access & Privileges

Access to the Library

  • Registered students and staff entering and exiting the Library must scan ‎their XJTLU ID cards on the Access Control Gate. Please queue up.
  • For student or staff who forgot to bring their ID Cards with them may use their assigned university login details to open the Wider Access Control Gate to enter and exit the Library. But keep in mind that you can only use this process 8 times for entering and 8 times for exiting each month.
  • If a user loses his or her XJTLU ID card, please report the loss to Library 3rd floor circulation desk or report card loss on Library OPAC system. While a new card is being prepared for you, the wide access control gate should be used. You will have unlimited access during this period. After your new card has been issued to you, please follow the access control gate rule 1 and rule 2.
  • In case of lost ID Card, if you have applied for a new one, then the old card is invalid.