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Library Facility Guide

Welcome to the XJTLU Library. This guide will make your use of Library facility as smooth as possible.

Suggestion & Inquires

Library IT service desk

Location: Library 4th floor

Contact number: 88161250



1. The number of device for an account - Student: 3;

2. If the device is offline for certain days, it is required to re-login;

3. If the authentication fails, please try again with your correct account information.

Off-campus connection

XJTLU SSL VPN facilitates and secures you to work off campus from a range of access methods including Window, Mac and Linux.

You can refer to the instruction below:

Campus Wireless User Guide

Campus user login

1. Search and connect campus wireless SSID (XJTLU) in terminal.

2. Open a new web page by browser (需要 通过 浏览器打开 任意一个网页), the page will automatically popup wireless authentication.

3. Enter username and password, then log in.

4. The page will be redirected to access web page.

5. Alumni can log into the wireless by using your account: and the password.

How to remove my device (Mobile phone or Pad) MAC address in campus Wi-Fi system?

1. Connect to SSID XJTLU, open link and click Apple or Android icon to download APP Client.

2. Open the APP

3. After login, click “Logout”, then the mac address of current device will be released in backend. The device will be disconnected to internet after two minutes.

4. If you want to move your laptop MAC address in campus Wi-Fi system, please use your XJTLU mailbox to send your laptop MAC address, XJTLU ID number, XJTLU account and problem description to, your device will be released by the engineer later.